From Start to Finish

  • Planning and project coordination
  • Excavation and site servicing
  • Exterior envelope and finishes
  • Construction of complete project
  • Tenant improvements
  • Seismic upgrades


We are fully insured with 5 million dollars liability and Work Safe B.C. registered with an outstanding company history for Safety

3 stages of construction

Pre-Construction Planning — Starting On the Right Foot

The first question from new clients is usually: ‘Can we meet – Yes, but there are some things you should know before we meet. For instance, we don’t like the offer of ‘free quotes.’  We’ve found that free quotes set the wrong expectation.

We’ve replaced this with a ‘no obligation consultation.’

The difference may seem subtle, but it means everything. A quote implies a detailed, well-researched plan. Yet most free quotes are based on a contractor’s quick estimate using predetermined ‘square foot costs’ or ‘best guess’ instead of ‘actual cost’ calculations. And that’s where the trouble starts. We prefer to never to start a project this way.

Planning is the key to all successful projects.

During Construction

We will perform all work in a safe and efficient manner with qualified trades and personnel.  Site and work areas will be maintained in a clean and tidy state which improves safety but more importantly improves productivity. Should an unforeseen issue arise we will communicate with the project stake holders and resolve in a timely fashion. Even with perfect planning things come up and changes to the project can occur. Should an owner decide to make alterations or changes during the construction, “No Problem” this happens on many project, we will review the change and advise on cost implications and time implications to make the desired change.

Whether it’s a small project from hanging a door, improving a small driveway or a large industrial building project the goal is to complete the client’s desired outcome.

Post construction

Upon completion of your project we will leave the site clean and finished. We also photo document the project and retain all, design plans, as-built plans and information digitally for projects completed then store this information for future client use down the road should expansion or renovations come up or if there is a warranty issue. Record drawings and information are extremely important for project historical reference and adds value to the property for future owners.

“ Hi Roy do you remember that water line you put in for us 7 years ago , well were are putting in a secondary cottage on the property and need to connect”  Reply- Yes I can come and locate and mark out exactly where it is or I can send you the photos and reference location measurements.

We retain information on all of our projects for your future use, because we are fully involved in your project start to finish so we can quite often help with a simple phone call inquiry to us.

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